We strive for excellence in beauty. One of the main ways we accomplish this is by continuously innovating and improving our products. 

This is where you come in. To innovate and improve, we rely on feedback, most importantly our customers feedback. 

For this reason, we for a long time offered a free product in exchange for product improvement feedback. This has led to constant improvement of our products (our Vitamin C Serum is already on version 15.0!).


On 06/08/2020 we received a notification from Amazon that they have now disallowed us to collect feedback from our customers, they want customers to leave reviews directly on their site (here's the link: 

Unfortunately this means we can no longer offer the free product promotion :-(

This hurts us most, because we rely on your feedback to improve & grow.

To make up for the disappointment, we have agreed to offer a discount code to all our customers that will give you 40% OFF ALL ECLAT PRODUCTS on our site here. The code is FREE40 (this will only work on our site here).

I know it's not a free product, but I hope it shows that we care and want to invest in our relationship with you.

A hug,

Nicole :-)

 P.S: Please note that some products may still contain the free product insert leaflet because we haven't yet been able to remove it from all our boxes.